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South Atlantic Installation (before and after…)

[caption id="attachment_220" align="alignright" width="300"] Before and after installation by one of our technical teams[/caption]

To VoIP or not to VoIP….

  Is it time for you and your company to finally make the jump to VOIP? The answer is most definitely yes! VOIP is also not just for large companies anymore. SMEs and individuals can also reap the benefits of VOIP (voice over Internet Protocol). In a nutshell, VOIP is making a telephone call using one's Internet connection, as opposed to the traditional ...

Why use our VoIP network?

Once you have been connected to our VoIP network, a customer will immediately begin to see reductions in monthly telephone costs. In addition to these savings, further savings can also be achieved by porting existing geographic number range(s) to our VoIP network. • 30% saving vs. existing Telecommunications providers in South Africa. • True per second billing from the 1st second. • Ability ...

Siemens Unify

Siemens Re-branding Itself as Unify – Still Leading the Way Forward in Telecommunications Industry On 15 October 2013 the company formerly known as Siemens Enterprise Communications changed its name to Unify. The company made this strategic move in the hopes of taking advantage of the rapidly growing interested in hosted unified communications. Even though Siemens might have re-branded themselves, they still continue to ...

Dispelling the 8 Myths of BYOD for Businesses

Myth 1: Most Big Companies Aren't Adopting BYOD As much as some IT departments would probably like this to be true, it's not. In fact, recent studies show that many big companies are adopting BYOD and that nine out of 10 companies said that their employees are using their own mobile devices at work. Also, 73 percent of those surveyed admitted ...

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